European Blended Cheeses

Almost half of European cheeses of Spanish origin are made from a mixture of cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk.

Cow’s milk is the most commonly used to make cheese in Spain. When making a mixed cheese, cow’s milk provides the sufficient quantity, as well as the basis for the flavor and acidity, while goat’s milk provides the white color and a spicy or acid flavor. Sheep’s milk, on the other hand, improves the cheese’s flavor, consistency, aroma and fat content.

Depending on the time they spend maturing, they can be soft cheeses when they mature for 7 days, semi-cured if they mature from 20 to 35 days, cured cheeses between 45 and 105 days, or old cheeses, which are those that mature the longest, specifically from 100 to 180 days.

Within these cheeses, the most common European mixed cheese in Spain is the Iberian type cheese, made with a mixture of the three milks (at least 50% cow’s milk, 30% goat’s milk and 10% sheep’s milk).

Incredible Blended Cheeses to be discovered

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