The European Production Model Behind the #Cheestories

Behind the #Cheestories there is a production model based on the highest standards of food safety, traceability, sustainability and animal welfare, which guarantees that only safe, sustainable and top quality European Cheeses reach your table: the European Production Model.


Imagine a story with more than 150 protagonists. A story with 27 Denominations of Origin and 4 protected Geographical Indications. A story that takes place in a cold and humid cave in the south of Europe, in the north of Spain, on a wonderful island bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, or in the immensity of a mythical land protected by castles and knights-errant. This is the story of the more than 150 varieties of cheese that are produced in the south of Europe, in Spain, each one with its own character, its own personality, its own unique flavor and aroma. A story so amazing that we want to tell it to everyone.


The history of European cheeses, of Spanish origin, begins many centuries before Spain was even called Spain… many years before the Romans invented their methods of preserving smoked cheeses or Miguel de Cervantes wrote his most universal novel «Don Quixote of La Mancha». In Spain, cheeses have been part of our tradition and culture since time immemorial. A history that dates back to the first nomadic peoples of the Iberian Peninsula and reaches our days in the form of digital qr code so you can discover all these stories. Don’t tell us that this is not a combination of tradition and modernity…


There are stories in which nature becomes another protagonist. As in the stories of the European Cheeses. Where nature and unique biodiversity coexist harmoniously and respectfully with a wide variety of native breeds of cattle, sheep and goats. The result? Unique cheeses, with surprising aromas and textures… but well… that’s another story…


When faced with a good story, you have only two options…either you are a mere spectator…or you become the real protagonist. The great variety and quality of European cheeses give you the opportunity to shine in the firmament of the most creative chefs. You put your passion, your knowledge and your desire to dazzle your customers and we, obviously, our cheeses. Ready to hit the red carpet?


Good stories work just as well in a long format, in a short format, in a photo or in a story. They happen in the morning, in the evening, in the an aperitif, a snack or a dinner. On a plate, or on a board… Yes… on a European cheese board. Don’t tell us you didn’t notice that we were talking about European cheeses all the time 😉


A good author is the best guarantee to tell a good story. And the story of European cheeses is told by an author of recognized prestige, an author who is respected and admired throughout the world. An author with quality, know-how and who controls everything he does very well… the European Production Model. An author who is not only an author but also a model…almost nothing!


Concern for animal welfare is one of the defining aspects of the European Cheese sector, both because of compliance with the strict standards of the European Model of Production, the world’s best guarantor in this area, and because of the conviction of our farmers themselves.

All this has a direct impact on the high quality of European Cheeses.


The European Cheese sector is an example of sustainability, both environmentally and socially, because the cheese sector in Spain plays a fundamental role in the protection of biodiversity, managing the territory, avoiding erosion, preserving plant habitats and preventing forest fires, thanks to grazing. In addition, the European Cheese sector prevents rural depopulation, generating thousands of direct and indirect jobs, which are the economic livelihood of hundreds of villages.

Therefore, every time you consume European cheeses you are contributing to making the world a more sustainable place.