European Cheeses from the Islands

Among the European cheeses, of Spanish origin, the cheeses of the islands stand out, such as the P.D.O Majorero cheese, or the smoked canary cheese, both from the Canary Islands.

The P.D.O Majorero cheese is made with goat’s milk, which is given marjoram when grazing, and matures in temperate climates.

In the Balearic Islands, the P.D.O. Mahón Menorca cheese is made from Friesian cow’s milk from the island of Menorca. It is only considered artisanal when no preservatives are used in its production.

The end of an amazing adventure

Eric and Jess’ adventure comes to an end. Discover the end of the #Cheestories and everything around the European cheeses from the islands, such as the Majorero Canarian cheese, the smoked Canarian cheese or the delicious Mahón cheese from Menorca. READY TO PLAY!