European Blue Cheese

The #cheestorie behind European blue cheese is a story full of tradition, culture and, of course, flavor! Did you know that it is a blue cheese characterized by its intensity, which is made with cow’s milk, or a mixture of cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk?

Among European blue cheeses, the Gamoneu, the blue P.G.I Valdeón or the mythical P.D.O. Cabrales cheese stand out. Its secret? The place where they mature: the caves of the Picos de Europa.

There, the cheeses spend a minimum of two months after their elaboration phase, maturing in this humid and fresh environment until they reach a unique texture and flavor.

This process makes these cheeses with a penetrating smell, buttery on the palate and with a more or less intense spicy aftertaste, depending on the type of milk and the ripening time.

The World’s most famous Blue Cheeses

The Smiths begin their journey through southern Europe in Picos de Europa, in northern Spain, where some of the world’s most famous blue cheeses are produced. Find out all about it with them!. READY TO PLAY!