The launch event of European #cheestories

On June 26, 2023, InLac (the Spanish Interprofessional Dairy Organization) and the EU presented the first roadmovie inspired by European cheeses: the European #Cheestories!

A journey of more than 900 miles through Southern Europe to discover all the history, culture and tradition behind the European cheeses of Spain, starring the Smiths, an American family, living in Southern Europe, in Logroño, Spain.

The event, held at DESPAÑA AUTHENTIC SPAIN in New York, was attended by representatives of the Spanish dairy sector, important gastronomic media and foodie influencers.

Attendees learned all about this ambitious campaign to promote European cheeses in the U.S., watched a preview of the docu-reality and enjoyed a tasting of European cheeses.

Everything to make the launch of the European #cheestories as juicy an event as the European cheeses.

Ready to play?

Discover the European #Cheestories with cheeses from Spain!